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Beef liver 0.5 kg

Price for 0.5 kg

  • $3.25
Pork and beef mince. 0.5 kg

50% Pork 50% Beef

  • $3.15
Rassolnik with pearl barley. 450g Frozen

Ingredients: pearl barley, pork, potatoes. onions, carrots, pickled cucumbers

  • $1.50
Shampoo Sunsilk 5 natural oils. 70 ml

almond, argan, coconut, jojoba, olive oils

  • $0.90
Chilli Adjika Sauce 250 g

Ingrédients: tomates, poivrons, piments forts, ail, sel

  • $1.25
Kings. Suji. Semolina. 454g

Ingredients: Semolina is ground from wheat cereal.

  • $3.50
  • $2.90
Motor mineral oil "Agrinol" 0,8 L

Agrinol SAE 20W-50 SL/CF - universal mineral engine oil for all types of modern petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and light trucks, including turbocharged, multivalve, with direct fuel injection and running on gas. Oil is compatible with non leaded gasoline and catalysts. 
Recommended for areas with hot climates

Operating temperature range: from minus 20°С to +50 °С.

  • $3.36
  • $2.90