Oil Coconut "Parachute" 500 ml

Oil Coconut "Parachute" 500 ml
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Brand: India
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Protects from the aggressive effects of sunlight.
Prevents redness of the skin and the formation of sunburn.
Provides a beautiful, uniform tan chocolate-milk shade.
Regulates the optimal water balance of the inner layer of the skin, deeply penetrating into living cells.
Softens the keratinized areas.
Slows the aging of the epidermal cells and the withering of the skin.
Activates the regeneration of cells.
He treats small cracks and injuries of the skin.
Smoothes wrinkles.
Nourishes the cells with saturated fatty acids, giving the skin tenderness and velvety.
Creates an invisible film that performs the SPF function.
Increases the tone of the skin, making it tightened, elastic and elastic.
Eliminates dryness and peeling.
Relieves irritation after sunburn, soothes and cools.
Suitable for the face and whole body.
Strengthens the immune system of the epidermis and dermis.
Reduces the loss of protective bacteria on the skin while swimming in water.

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