Oral Care

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Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste with Fluoride 160 Gm
Helps Restore Natural Whiteness
  • $3.75
Closeup Deep Action 3x Fresh Breath 160 Gm
Price for 1 pc 160 gm
  • $1.32
Darlie All Shiny Charcoal Clean 140 Gm
Price for 1 pc 160 gm
  • $1.46
Toothbrush PIH
Price for 1 pc
  • $0.29
Toothpaste AROMATHERAPY 100 ml
This unique gel toothpaste with Amazonian rosewood, lavandin and bergamot essential oils has an enhanced antibacterial effect and helps to preserve the freshness of your morning breath. A complex of natural pineapple and papaya enzymes prevents the formation of plaque during the night period an …
  • $5.00
Toothpaste BIOCALCIUM 100 ml
A complex toothpaste with bioactive Calcis obtained from eggshells and hydroxyapatite, the building material of hard tooth tissues.  The high content of active ingredients helps to strengthen the enamel and to reduce teeth hypersensitivity after just a few days of use. The combination of t …
  • $5.00
Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste Original, 40 g
Regular use helps to keep your gums and teeth healthy and solid. Twin lotus unique formula reduces tooth sensitivity, reduces inflammation and bleeding gums.
  • $0.50
Natural Toothpaste Kok Liang, 100 g
Toothpaste Kokliang - this herbal toothpaste based on extracts of lotus, ginseng, Chinese pearl jasmine tea and natural oils, made according to traditional recipes. Toothpaste Kokliang carefully cleans the teeth effectively removes plaque from coffee and tea, stops the development of caries a …
  • $2.20
Thai toothpaste Kokliang 160gr
Benefits toothpaste Kokliang: At the expense of a part of natural essential oils and herbal extracts paste relieves oral inflammation, cures stomatitis and gum disease - periodontitis and periodontitis Toothpaste Kokliang very good refreshes the mouth and eliminate bad breath Toothpaste Kokliang  …
  • $4.00
Toothpaste Signal Action Original 160 Gm
Price for 1 pc 160 gm
  • $1.50
Toothpaste Signal Cavity Fighter 0.75 G
Price for 1 pc 0.75 gm
  • $0.53
Toothpaste Signal Cavity Fighter 160 Gm
Price for 1 pc 160 gm
  • $1.50