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Bael Fruit Herbal Tea. 500g
Bael (Aegle marmelos), a fruit that is native to India with lots of health benefits including its tea. Bael fruit has a hard woody shell that can only be cracked using a machete or hammer.   Bael tea is soothing to the stomach and is commonly used for smooth bowel movement to patients su …
  • $6.00
Goji berries 100g
Goji berries are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including:   vitamin C fiber iron vitamin A zinc antioxidants These berries contain all 8 essential amino acids. A single 4 ounce serving provides nearly 10 percent of your daily value for protein. For f …
  • $2.00
Green chilli curry 400g
  • $2.80
Pineapple oil "Banna" 450 ml
Moisturizes the skin, it is recommended before sunbathing.
  • $13.00
Rose Water 600 ml
Rose water is a flavoured water made by steeping rose petals in water. It is the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume. It is used to flavour food, as a …
  • $3.50