Frozen Main Course&Prepared food

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Beef patties 200g. Frozen. (2pcs)
It requires roasting. Ingredients: beef, onion, spices.
  • $2.25
Chicken cutlet stuffed with onion and egg, with garnish
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Cutlet 180 gr   Buckwheat 200 gr   Mashed potatoes 250 gr
  • $2.00
Dumplings with cottage cheese and raisins 0.5 kg.
Ingredients: cottage cheese, raisins
  • $5.00
Fish cutlets (tuna) with mashed potatoes
Cutlets 180 gr Mashed potatoes 250 gr
  • $2.50
Pancakes with cottage cheese. 3 pcs. ≈375g.
Ingredients: milk, egg, flour, raisins, cottage cheese
  • $2.75
Pork shank.
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Price per 1kg
  • $4.00
Smoked pork shank.
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Price per 1kg
  • $6.50
Pancake with cabbage and egg 3 pcs.
Ingredients: egg, milk, flour, cabbage. Frozen, require warming up.
  • $2.10
Pancakes with cottage cheese and spinach 3 pcs 350 grams
Ingredients: egg, milk, flour, cottage cheese, spinach. Frozen, need to be reheated.
  • $2.50
Pancakes with meat and rice 3 pcs. 400 g
Pancakes with meat. Ingredients: egg, milk, flour, onion, rice, minced pork, beef. Freezing. Need warm-up.
  • $2.50
Tuna fish cutlets 200g (2 pcs.)
Ingredients: minced fish, onion, egg, spices. Can be delivered hot. Write in the comments.
  • $1.80
Per serving: 50 grams of powder 150 ml water or milk salt, butter, spices, herbs to taste
  • $1.00
Homemade pork sausages with mashed potatoes 300 gr
Sausages 100 gr, mashed potatoes 200 gr
  • $2.00
Smoked chicken legs
price for 1 kg
  • $6.00