Frozen Main Course&Prepared food

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Homemade cutlets 1 pc. 125 grams
Requires roasting. Ingredients: beef, pork, onion, egg, spices.
  • $1.25
Stewed Deer meat. 290 g
Made in Russia. Price for 1 can
  • $15.00
Beef patties 150g. Fried. Frozen. (2pcs)
Can be delivered hot. If you want, please, write in the comments. Ingredients: minced beef, onion, egg, spices.
  • $1.90
Beef patties 200g. Frozen. (2pcs)
It requires roasting. Ingredients: beef, onion, egg, spices.
  • $1.80
Chicken/potato stew 460g. Frozen.
450-470g Ingredients: potato, chicken, onion, carrot, spice.
  • $1.50
Pork-potato stew. 460g. Frozen.
450-470g Ingredients: potato, pork, onion, carrot, spice.
  • $1.59
Fish patties barracuda. 220g. (2pcs)
Ingredients: minced fish, onion, egg, spices. Can be delivered hot. Write in the comments.
  • $1.85