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Galangal, 100 g
Booty and a little loony. Galangal is a distinctive Asian delight which will leave you mad fr more. Try it in soups!
  • $5.60
Green chilli curry 400g
  • $2.80
Kaffir Lime Leaves, 25 g
100% dried kaffir lime leaves. It certainly takes a whole lot of character from the thorny, spiky small bushes that it grows on! Kaffir lime leaves release delicate citrus flavors that combine so well with fish.
  • $5.60
Lemongrass, 100 g
100% dried lemongrass powder. Citrusy, sweet and distinctive. Delicious whether it is freshly chopped in salad, dried in a soup or simply boiled in tea. Lemongrass is a versatil addiction to the kitchen.
  • $5.60
Memot Black Pepper, 100 g
100% Memot black pepper. Full-Bodied. Grown in the Kampong Cham Province, Memut pepper benefits from its excellent soil and weather conditions. Recognized for its high quality and density, this kitchen staple reveals a stronger temper than other Cambodian peppers.
  • $7.50
Sre Ambel black pepper, 100 g
Full-Bodied. Sre Ambel peper is grown in the pristine and sparsely ingabited South coast of Cambodia, at the foot of the Cardamom mountain range. The microclimate of the region flavours pepper growth and allows it to develop a unique aromatic and spicy flavour.
  • $7.50
Turmeric, 100 g
100% dried turmeric powder. The yellow-orange color of Turmeric is known for its magnificently colorful influence on dishes. A delicious earthly taste makes it a must for any self-respecting curry.
  • $5.60