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Cream with vitamin E. 200 g.
Enriched with sunflower oil.
  • $4.00
Deodorant Mangosteen Crystal (small size)
The basis of it is natural ammonium alum and 100% natural product of mining and volcanic origin. Crystal is taken from the natural environment in its natural form, human intervention only in cutting off excess, grinding and packaging. Absolutely harmless to the body, because unlike many modern de …
  • $1.80
Golden face gel. 35 ml
Gold collagen: This complex anti-aging gel effectively combats wrinkles and the first signs of skin aging, brings back the freshness, radiance and youthfulness of the skin. Does not cause irritation. Method of application: apply on the face and neck, regularly used in the morning and evening.
  • $9.00
Kirei Kirei Handwash Foam - 250 ml
Kirei Kirei Formula Anti-Bacterial Antiseptic Soap Hand Wash Gel, 250ml The family foaming hand soap is perfect for everyday use With Anti-bacteria and Antiseptic agent properties and skin cleansing, Ideal for entire family Manufactured by Kirei Kirei Japan in Thailand Long Description: Kirei Kir …
  • $4.44
Mask ISME tamarind powder 100 % 15g
facial peeling gel eliminates blackhead , dead cell and deep cleansing , nourishing with the natural extracts from honey curcuma , plai , cucumber and aloe vera firm and make skin clear , moisturizing , anti age and wrinkle with the stimulation for new white and clear skin . Direction: use gel ar …
  • $1.00
Noni mask
Noni fruit is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from harmful environmental exposures. Paramount this tool is ideally removes swelling of the face. Face mask based on an extract of noni has an amazing rejuvenating effect. It makes the skin smooth and soft. It is an effective way to com …
  • $6.50
Pearl cream for the face. 10 gr.
Contains 14 amino acids. Promotes active moisture-saving skin, slows down the aging and aging of the skin of the face and neck.
  • $12.00
Remedy Ya Hom food poisoning, 100 g
YA HOM (I Hom) - a traditional Thai folk remedy for double action. I Hom tonic, invigorating, refreshing and has a restorative effect. It is the general surge of strength, gives a charge of vivacity, improves endurance and performance. Used for fainting, headaches. It increases blood pressure. On …
  • $2.00
Shampoo hair loss Jinda Herb 250 ml
Thai Herbal Shampoo against hair loss and complete baldness company JINDA. Nice to smell herbs. Shampoo is a treatment for hair loss , baldness , seborrhea .
  • $3.50
Shampoo with coconut oil PANNAMAS 365 gr
With regular use, maintains healthy hair. For the treatment of dandruff, seborrhea.
  • $4.00
Shampoo with moringa and bergamot oil PANNAMAS 365 gr
With regular use, maintains healthy hair.
  • $4.00
Thai white balm, 50 g
Price for 1 pc 50 Gm
  • $1.70
Anti-cellulite oil "IREAL" 350 ml
Stimulates blood circulation, creates a thermo-effect, promotes the removal of excess fluid, burns fat cells, restores skin elasticity.
  • $19.00
Pineapple oil "Banna" 450 ml
Moisturizes the skin, it is recommended before sunbathing.
  • $13.00
Thai tiger red balsam 50 gr
Thai tiger red balm for joints (or tiger ointment), "legend in a jar" - is a locally irritating, strongly warming agent based on plant components. The active ingredients are camphor, menthol, cayaputa oil, mint oil and clove oil. The camphor, which is part of the tiger's ointment, expands the per …
  • $1.70
Thai yellow balm 50 gr
Thai yellow balm is made of natural oils and herbs. It is used for faster jointing of bones, with joint pains, for rubbing muscles. Used also for headaches, colds - rubbed into the temples, neck and occipital region. Yellow balsam causes intense blood flow, has a warming effect. A slight burning  …
  • $1.70