Tea "Reflection of Aphrodite". 50gr

Tea "Reflection of Aphrodite". 50gr
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Brand: Cambodia
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- antioxidant
This herbal drink will help you preserve or regain your youth and beauty.
With regular consumption of tea, the following functions are normalized: -endocrine system
- circulatory system
-vascular system
-blood pressure.
Helps women’s organism  during
menopause.  Good recovery after serious illness and during the postoperative period.
Ingredients: lemongrass, noni fruit, passionfruit and moringa leaves, pericarp.
Remember about individual features of an organism while using the product 
If you use other medical supplies, consult with professional doctor about its compatibility with the product.
Suggested use:
1 tsp for 250 ml of water (85-90°С)
Infuse for 5-15 minutes.
Drink: 20 minutes before meal

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