Papaya powdered-leaf tea. 70 g

Papaya powdered-leaf tea.  70 g
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Brand: Cambodia
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According to Ayurveda, papaya leaf tea is a cure for:
- raising vitality; - improving mood
-improving bone strength -maintaining health of sexual functions
- cardiovascular functions - figure improvement
- relieves menstrual cramps
- delays aging
- enhances hair growth
-reduces acne
-helps with dengue
- irreplaceable for diets
- for stomach disorders
-with thrush
- strengthens the immune system
-improves the work of the spleen
- with Alzheimer's disease
- strengthens memory
- protects against age-related vision loss
- in the treatment of bedsores
- problems with the bladder and kidneys
-helps with asthma and upper respiratory tract diseases.
Suppresses the vital activity of ascaris, lamblia, nematodes and a number of other parasites.
from 5 to 30 min.  - therapeutic effect.
from 3 to 10 min.  - prevention.
Three months to drink, a week to rest, and so on.
The consumption of papaya leaf tea can be as long as you like.
Contraindication pregnancy and lactation.
Remember about individual features of an organism while using the product 
If you use other medical supplies, consult with professional doctor about its compatibility with the product

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