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Dove  De-Stress Ritual Conditioner 310ml
Dove De-stress Ritual is inspired by North American rituals of treating hair with blends of Echinacea and white tea.
  • $4.00
Dove Intensive repair Conditioner 310ml
• Nourishing shampoo and conditioner system that restores damaged hair from within • Strengthening conditioner that helps prevent further damage • With Keratin Repair Actives to seal and smooth the hair surface • Helps with detangling and improves manageability • Gives instant results …
  • $4.00
Shampoo Dove De-Stress Ritual. 340ml
Shampoo for all hair types with white tea and echinacea.
  • $4.00
Shampoo Dove Hair Fall Rescue. 450ml
Shampoo contains Trichazole Actives complex for instant action and long-lasting effect for the beauty and health of your hair.
  • $4.50