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Antisnake™ natural repellent 6 tablets

Antisnake™ natural repellent 6 tablets
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Brand: Cambodia
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Do you have any problems with snakes or could you have those problems? 

Don’t wait for the arrival of unwanted neighbors!

Protect yourself and your family now!


 “…Available data show 4.5–5.4 million people get bitten by snakes annually. Of this, 1.8–2.7 million develop clinical illness and 81,000 to 138,000 die from complications…”


Antisnake™ natural repellent

What will you do when you meet a snake in place where you sleep or your children play?


There are many methods and not all of them are safe for nature and humans or pets.

Anyway nobody wants to be bitten and die.


Antisnake™ is the best solution!


For more than six years, this repellent has been tested on snakes in South East Asia and other regions. 

Absolutely not dangerous for humans, pets, or the environment.


The product is 100% natural. 99% of the product consists of clay and 1% of the powder based on extracts from plants, such as Alhagi, Pistacia, Hypericum and others.

The product induces a vomiting reflex in snakes and they leave the area of ​​action of active substances.


One tablet can protect an area of two meters for 14 days*


Take care of your recreation and Antisnake will take care of your safety!


* with increased humidity, the duration of the repellent decreases


How to use


Indoors: Place tablets near spaces by any doors or windows where snakes could enter.


Outdoors (garden, playgrounds etc.): Place the tablets every two meters near possible entry or gathering of snakes (fence, gates etc.).


Outdoors (camping in the jungle, forest etc.): Grind up the tablet and sprinkle the powder around the area you wish to protect from snakes.

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